Toxocara canis
Toxocara canis larva
Toxocara canis larva

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Nematoda
Class: Secernentea
Order: Ascaridida
Family: Toxocaridae
Genus: Toxocara
Species: Canis

The Toxocara canis, or dog roundworm, is a nematode that is parasitic to members of the family Canidae. These worms are usually 9-18 cm long. They can be fatal in puppies, but usually cause no symptoms in adult dogs.

Diagnoses of Toxocara canis
Toxocara canis can be diagnosed by taking a sample of the animals feces. The feces is then mixed with a solution which seperates the eggs from the rest of the feces. The eggs are removed, and examined under a microscope. A trained person will be able to tell what the eggs are of, and whether or not the animal has Toxocara canis

Transmission of Toxocara canis
Toxocara canis can be transmitted in several different ways, these include:
  • If the animal eats Toxocara canis eggs
  • If the animal eats another animal, which is infected with Toxocara Canis
  • If the animal has gotten Toxocara canis from its mother
    • This can happen either through the mothers milk, or the uteran wall

Treatment of Toxocara canis
The treatment for Toxocara canis differs based on the age of the animal.
  • For Puppies: Start the treatment of a worming medication when the puppy is 2 weeks old. Repeat at 4, 6, and 8 weeks. Then, place the puppy on a monthly heartworm medication
  • For adult dogs: Treat with a worming medication every 2-4 weeks, until parasite is gone.

Life Cycle of Toxocara canis
The life cycle of the Toxocara canis usually consists of an egg being transmitted to an animal, and then developing inside that animal


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